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Round The Square: In the time it takes to walk around Northampton Square starting from Danny’s cafe, a City student tells us all about their podcast.

In this inaugural RTS episode, Charlie Brown walks with Manav Pallan, 3rd Year Journalism Undergraduate and hears all about his podcast Race Reaction.

Race Reaction is a motorsports podcast that primarily focuses on the world of Formula 1. The podcast was launched in June 2023 by co-founders Miles Lambi and Manav Pallan to reach the growing number of motorsport fans in an entirely new medium. 

Since then, the podcast has had guests including Steve Nichols, the designer of Ayrton Senna’s championship-winning McLaren MP4/4. Steve was also Senna’s race engineer in 1988 and was the man credited with introducing carbon fibre into Formula 1. 

They also regularly post editorial content on the Race Reaction website to complement the podcast episodes. 

Just as the 2024 F1 season begins, the Race Reaction Podcast is now back with the highest quality motorsports content. 

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