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Latest Episodes!

Each week we have been publishing short interviews with leading figures from the world of podcasting. Quick bites of wisdom and advice from those who are at the forefront of the industry. To catch up on everything so far….

Here was Matt Deegan with his insights on the art of marketing your podcast.

We also heard from Hannah Àjàlá-Rahman talking about the dreaded commissioning process and what podcasters need to keep in mind when setting out on that long journey.

And here was James Cridland discussing how in spite of current challenges, he’s feeling positive about the future of podcasting.

And don’t forget to also keep an ear out for all other bonus content including Round The Square where we hear from some of the students here at the City who have a chance to talk about their podcasts. But only in the time it takes to walk round Northampton Square! Latest episode here:

So be sure for this and other content, to always keep an ear out for the Word on the Square!!

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